Store opening

It's time for retail.

After existing as an online-only business, Computing Warehouse are now in the process of opening a physical retail store- Check out our ‘Welcome to Computing Warehouse’ blog post for more information about what we’re up to!

Computing Warehouse

Custom Built Gaming PCs

If you’re wanting to get a new custom built gaming PC then get in touch with Computing Warehouse, with rapid build times, excellent before & after service, and a 3 Year Warranty as standard- we make getting a PC Stress-Free

Computing Warehouse

Gaming PC Upgrades

There’s no need to throw out your entire PC any time you’re wanting something a bit faster- We’re able to upgrade your PC Component-by-Component, saving you the upfront cost of a new build whenever you’re wanting more power. Whether it’s more storage space, more ram, faster loading times or better in-game performance, we’re able to help out!

Repairs & Maintenance

don't let your pc live like this

Get in touch for both Repair & Maintenance services

12 Month Guarantee
Free Local Collect & Drop off
Rapid Turnaround

Business services

The same great service, now for business.

Computing Warehouse now offer a range of B2B Services, this includes new network deployments and networking upgrades, office and workstation PCs, Service Level Agreements on your equipment & everything in-between.