Here's the deal:

Bring us your device, doesn't matter what that is.

It gets a good cleaning along with some before & after photos.

You then come and pick it up.

The details:

Drop off any computer, phone, console etc that you want cleaned out. We will dismantle it and give it a proper clean out: -Dismantling the device

-Cleaning out all the dust in the device -Replacing any thermal paste or thermal pads where needed

-Giving the whole thing a wipe down with isopropyl alcohol

-And of course a quick before & after photoshoot!

All of that, Free of charge.

We will give you a call or message once it's ready to go, then just pop by and pick up your freshly cleaned device.

Want to arrange this for your device?

Some boring legal stuff

By having Computing Warehouse, a trading name of RT Computing Services Limited, Registered in Scotland, SC678849, work on your device under this promotional offer you agree to the attached terms and conditions.

This promotion will run for 7 days, ending at the end of our trading day on the last day of the promotion. We have intentionally not specified any dates as this promotion may be run again in the future at the discretion of Computing Warehouse. 

This work is being done free of charge, which means you will be charged £0.00GBP for this process, it is being run at the discretion of RT Computing Services Limited / Computing Warehouse and may terminate at any time without notice.

There is absolutely no guarantee or warranty attached with this service, whether express or implied. If your device is faulty before bringing into getting cleaned then we will not have any liability for repairing that device. We will be performing a basic round of testing on the device to mitigate the risk of fraudulent claims of faulty devices.

The offer is only applicable to electronic devices such as laptops, desktops or other form factors of computers, phones, tablets, gaming consoles and networking equipment (should you want to bring any networking equipment in to take advantage of this offer)

We can refuse to clean any device at any time

A maximum of 20 devices per customer applies, is to deter businesses with thousands of machines from bringing them in for cleaning (we simply don’t have the manpower to deal with that in an efficient enough timescale.) This 20 device limit resets should we decide to run the promotion again in the future.

You must drop off and collect the device from us at 19B Glencryan Road G672UH. 

If the device(s) is/are not collected within 2 months of having them dropped off with us then you agree to the device and all accessories provided with the device to become property of Computing Warehouse / RT Computing Services Limited, this may be used as spare parts, recycled or resold.

We will attempt to make contact a minimum of 5 times before this happens.

Please provide a phone number, email address and physical address when dropping off your device, this will be used for providing updates on the device and for analytical insights on where our customer base is located.


If you have any questions or queries on the terms and conditions of this offer then don’t hesitate to get in touch.