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Matthew Riquelme

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew is the CEO of Computing Warehouse and serves on its board of directors. He is responsible for all of Computing Warehouse's product and service offerings, developing business strategies and plans, and aligning them with the short-term and long-term objectives of the company.

Matthew has been with Computing Warehouse since its founding, and has hands on experience working with the products and services we provide, allowing for the correct perspective to be taken when product impacting changes are made.


Ryan Taylor

President of Sales

Ryan is the President of Sales at Computing Warehouse and serves on its board of directors. He is responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of our Computers, Accessories & Service level, while ensuring we are always available to our customers and partners.

Ryan has been with Computing Warehouse since its founding, and has experience moving our products through every stage of their life, including Product Management, Internal Operations, IT / Web strategy, along with our Sales process and after sales support.


Murdo Thomson

Systems Developer and Lead Creative

Murdo is a Systems Developer and the Lead Creative at Computing Warehouse. He applies his artistic and creative talents to advertising for Computing Warehouse, our internet presence, package design, and other consumer facing materials.

He also has experience designing and building websites (like this one), and has been with Computing Warehouse since August of 2021.

We work alongside our teams of talented and experienced technicians to bring a wide range of products, repairs, and services to you, and to ensure the quality of the computers we build is unparalleled.

Monday, August 26 2020
Computing Warehouse was founded on the 26th of October 2020 in Cumbernauld, Glasgow. We began selling custom built gaming computers, and offering repair services. Eventually business started picking up enough that we had to look for more space to expand our operations.
Monday, August 26 2020
Tuesday, December 17 2020
Taking on our 1st building
We found a suitable warehouse unit in Cumbernauld, Glasgow, which we began moving into on the 17th of December 2020. Since moving in we have made numerous modifications to the building and built out storage areas, a production building, office space, and a photo studio. The process took a long time and a lot of work, but is now fully operational.
Tuesday, December 17 2020
Friday, June 18 2021
Initial Website Launch
We launched a basic website with information about our products and services, the website only had basic pages with information and contact forms, with no ecommerce functionality or advanced features.
Friday, June 18 2021
Friday, June 10 2022
Full Site Launch
Now, our new and improved website built with full ecommerce functionality, finance solutions in place via Klarna, live chat functionality and more is finally live. It is still under constant development, so check back to see what new features are added.
Friday, June 10 2022
Wednesday, July 20 2022
Computing Warehouse Business Launch
We launched a trading division to serve business customers, with a new website to go along with it. Offering office, and workstation PCs, alongside a wide range of services. Focusing on being completely hassle-free, and getting our customers technology needs going, as easily as possible.
Wednesday, July 20 2022

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