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Regardless of if you’ve got a background in computing or you’re looking for your entry to the industry then Computing Warehouse is a great oppertunity. We have positions with a variety of different roles, including repairs, system assembly, goods in & merchandising, online or in-store sales and online or in-store customer service / tech support.

Currently we are not looking to expand our team, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you! We have put down a couple of job roles at Computing Warehouse that you may be interested in, and if you think you’d like to work for us then submit an application and when something’s available we will be in touch!

job opportunities

Technician roles

Level 1 repair technician

Component-based (non-board-level repair) on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, with the possibility of working on other devices.

Level 2 Repair Technician

Component level logic board repair, experience in micro-soldering, understanding board view schematics and finding solutions to problems that a Level 1 Repair Tech can't.

Level 1 Assembly technician

Level one system assembly will consist of the simpler systems getting built, non-liquid cooled systems with standard configurations. Possibility for some maintenance & upgrade work.

Level 2 Assembly Technician

Slightly more complex systems, such as liquid-cooled builds & non-standard configurations. More time-consuming jobs such as case transplants or motherboard swaps may be part of this role.

Job Opportunities

Sales & Support

Sales Associate

The shop floor is full of opportunities, matching a customer with a problem to a product with a solution. Advising them on what's actually best for their use-case and making every customer feel cared for.

Online Team Associate

All online role, responding to customer enquiries from multiple channels, helping them find the products they need and the solutions to their problems.

Cashdesk Associate

Where there isn't a full customer journey, there should still be excellent service. Duties include non-major customer purchases, returns, exchanges, and customer service queries.

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