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Smashed screen? Busted buttons? Cracked case?

Bring it down and we can get it fixed for you and remember, As with all of our Tech Services,
No, fix no fee.


PC or Laptop running slow? We will speed up your PC. Whether you want it to crush your favourite game or lower those render times we have you covered.


Crusty controllers, dusty display ports, and mankey mice. All common issues for devices
But not to worry, bring that dusty old device down and we will have it good as new in no time.

F A Q.

Due to your devices generating heat when they run, fans are required in most systems to cool components and extend their useful life.

As cool air is pulled into the computer, so is human and animal hair, dust, and other particles. We generally refer to all of this as dust, which will build up over time and must be cleaned out to keep your system running efficiently.

Not to mention do you really want a computer filled with nasty dust and debris?

Luckily, one of our tech services is cleaning dirty devices, which can make all the difference with running temperatures and performance. 

Computers are very similar to cars in many ways:

  • They are a fun hobby.
  • They look great.
  • Valuable for many jobs.
  • And most importantly new versions and new parts are always coming out.

While your computer from 10 years ago may have been the best machine around, now the components might be beginning to slow or fail meaning its time for an upgrade.

There are many common issues when trying to get your computer to display, some of these are as simple as you plugged the display output into the wrong port.

Your computer may have many different outputs and it is confusing when you plug one in and nothing happens,  this is likely because you have plugged the cable into the integrated graphics port on your motherboard and not into your GPU directly. 
This is a simple fix all you need to do is simply remove the cable from the computer and look for the port that is lower down on your PC. Unless you have a vertical GPU riser this will be horizontal.

When the appropriate precautions are taken when opening a PC there are no risk at all. Our team of competent and knowledgeable technicians treat every computer with the highest standards of care when opening your PC to provide upgrades, Cleaning and repairs. Our goal is to give you the best quality of service risk free in the quickest amount of time possible. Each technicians work is examined intensely for certainty in that they are doing the correct service and with the most amount of care. 

We are looking to answer questions you may have, send us a message if you have a question when looking at getting your tech serviced. We are always looking for feedback about our Tech Services! Fill out the contact form below, visit our Facebook page, or email us here.

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