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your pc matters.

Replacing your All in One PC can be an expensive ordeal, fortunately, we offer cost-effective, stress-free repairs. Whether it's so slow you're ready to throw it away, or just failing to do anything- we can get you back up and running incredibly fast.

Shattered screen?

WiFi not working?

Windows install not loading?


Your all-in-one is a shadow of its former self?

Not to worry, we have a selection of upgrade choices which can help bring your computer back to life and have it performing even better than when it was new!

You most likely are running your Operating System from a mechanical hard drive, which will be very slow. Luckily, we can swap out that old slow drive with a new fast SSD.

Hard drives are much slower than SSDs.

If you are content with the speed your computer is running at on a mechanical hard drive but you want more storage space, we can upgrade you to a larger hard drive too. 

Don’t worry about losing all your data, as we can also provide a data transfer service which will move your data from your current Windows installation to your new one. 

And even better, we can do all of this same day unless you have a large amount of data which needs transferred in which case it would be dependant on capacity. 

We also offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our upgrades, so you can always come back if something seems wrong. 

Most AIOs don’t come with that much memory installed, which can be a contributing factor to your PC feeling slow.

If you try to do multiple tasks at once or even have too many browser tabs open, it can freeze or jitter and feel slow.

Nobody likes a slow computer, so we can increase the capacity and speed of your computers memory which can solve all of these annoying issues and is a quick cost-effective way of making your computer feel more powerful.

We can have this upgrade completed for you same day, so you won’t be without your PC for very long.

We also offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our upgrades, so you can always come back if something seems wrong. 


Cleaning out a whole PC can seem daunting.

But not to worry we make short work of the toughest stains and marks and get you back to gaming or working or maybe even both in no time!

If your All-In-One is a bit dirty and you aren’t happy with it, we can do a basic clean of your system. 

We will use a high velocity compressed air gun to blow all of the dirt out of the computer, then wipe down the computer with isopropanol and clean away any stains or marks. We will ensure the computer looks much better than it did before.

If your All-In-One is incredibly dirty, we can do a deep clean.

We will dismantle the AIO, replace the thermal interface material, wipe down the motherboard with ESD brushes, and use a high velocity compressed air gun on the motherboard and casing of the computer.

We will also wipe down the PC with isopropanol, remove any stains or marks and return your device to you looking much better than it did before. 

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