PC service

PC Service


Don't have the tools or the know how?

We take all the boring assembly guides and painful debugging out of system repairs and let you get back to playing your favourite games.

Sometimes the quickest of repairs can lead to your PC performing miles better than what it was before. If you notice a slowdown, we can speed it back up for you. Sometimes you don't need a new PC, you just need to get your PC Serviced.

Things ranging from a dead fan, to a fried power supply can all be fixed by us. We will take your PC, diagnose the issue, let you know how much it would cost to go ahead and you can decide whether or not you want to do it. We don't charge a bench fee, provide free quotes, and we operate a no-fix no-fee policy on all of our repairs. We also offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our repair work, so if something goes wrong, you can bring it back and we will fix it, free of charge.

Common issues which we can fix same-day are:

BIOS not in date.
Fans making unusual noises.
PC is not turning on.
PC is not outputting a display.
PC is stuck on Windows loading screen.
Windows is having issues during general use.

Most of our repairs can be done same day, depending on part availability. So it really just depends on how fast our suppliers can get replacement parts, which is usually only a few days. Our wide range of PC Services covers almost every issue you can encounter. If we are not able to fix your PC, you will not be charged a penny unless it has been made clear to you before any work takes place. That would be a special case as our PC Services tend to cover most issues brought to us.

Fans stopped spinning?

Graphics card busted?

Dead power supply?


those new games just a bit too much to run?

Old systems can quickly become outdated meaning slower frame rates and lower resolutions, now you didn't buy the latest AAA game to see it all in a 480p resolution, did you?

New games are always coming out and are typically benchmarked around newer components, so your computer will just not be able to reach the performance requirements these games can need. By using our PC Services, you can have an upgrade done to your current system to give it that boost it needs to work with the newest games. 

Older components like hard drives and processors are especially liable to slowing down with their extended use, to combat this you need to get them upgraded to better and more capable components like better and newer, more capable CPUs or swapping out your hard drive for an SSD.

If you have ever had thoughts of going pro in your favourite game? In today’s day and age it’s easier than ever to get into competitive gaming but tell me, do the current pros play at 30fps or 300fps? Our range of PC Services can help you become better at gaming. 


Cleaning out a whole PC can seem daunting.

But not to worry we make short work of the toughest stains and marks and get you back to your game or work in no time!

Let’s face it being clean is important, full stop. This extends to your computer too! Don’t let the dust and stains build up and make sure to get it cleaned out frequently.

Letting dust and debris build up in the computer can lead to higher temperatures and overall lower performance.

Due to all of the dust clogging up your system, it can slow down your fans, which can lead to the becoming damaged over time, make terrible sounding noises, and then your PC becomes concerningly hot. 

We will be able to do a deep clean of your PC, where we take it apart, replace any thermal interfacing material on your CPU and GPU, remove any dust and dirt, wipe down the system with isopropanol and a microfiber cloth and get your PC looking like it is new again. 

If you would like to see any of our work you can visit our Facebook page where we tend to post some of the jobs we do. You can also contact us if you have any questions by using the contact form below, by email, on our Facebook page, or by phone. We are keen to answer your questions and get to talk with you all. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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