Custom Gaming PCs

Designed and Built for you.

Your PCs Journey

From first contact to the first Gunfight, here's the journey all custom Computing Warehouse Custom Gaming PCs go through.

Your Gaming Computer is personal.

Lets personalise it.

Get a custom PC built by Computing Warehouse, with a white-glove service from start to finish, we work with you to design & built the perfect computer, make sure it's set up the way you want & has the looks to match the performance.

Built to Last.

Every computer that we design and build has been done to a standard that we would be happy to use every day. Our computers are all Configured, Built and Tested by Gamers & PC Enthusiasts.

A strict attention to detail and relentless strive for perfection leaves you with an outstanding Gaming PC that'll last longer, run stably, and let you Game.

Taking the hassle out of the Configuration.

Expert configuration. Hassle-free ownership.

You're probably great at playing the games you love- probably not so much at picking out the perfect cooler for your next Gaming PC, or choosing storage that gives you a good balance of cost, performance, space and reliability.

That's fine. You don't have to be great at it!
We'll work with you to nail down the perfect configuration, even if you know nothing about PC Hardware- explaining what the advantages are of the components selected, the upgradability you've got with your config and making sure it runs your Games & Programs at their best.

Away to the production floor.


Now that we've configured your Dream PC, it's time to bring it to life. That's the job of our Production Department, who will hand-assemble your Gaming PC and neatly cable manage it, adhering to a high quality standard.

Setup & Software

After the PC is built it'll get configured, everything from updating and optimising the BIOS, installing Windows and getting your drivers installed, formatting any extra disks, and installing Chrome (and anything else you'd like us to preinstall)

We've made the setup process as simple as possible, and paired with our Quickstart Guide you'll be up and running in record time.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance process we operate has been developed, refined and improved upon for years. Ensuring consistently great, high quality computers every time.

We're constantly improving on our best practices and procedures to ensure every PC gets the care and love it deserves.

It's game time.


Getting your PC in one piece is extremely important- that's why we started shipping PCs up and down the country to find the safest way to package them for maximum safety during transport.

The results allowed us to develop an extremely secure packaging process that was secure enough we didn't get a single damaged PC during testing and ended up giving up on seeing if one would show up damaged, because it just wasn't happening.

Outer Box

When that magical box shows up on your doorstep, you'll notice it's a bit bigger than the usual PC- that's the layers of packaging we've put around your computer to keep it safe from sudden impacts during transit. This is what we call the 'Crumple box' because it's designed to take on any damage that might happen during transit, and protect the PC inside.

Inner Box

Inside the larger box is your boxed PC, surrounded by foam to protect against any bumps and absorb vibrations. We use InstaPak expanding foam packets to safely secure your graphics card, cooler and memory in place during transit- it expands to fill around these critical components, giving another layer of protection.
Just pop the glass side panel off, pull out the foam in one big piece and pop it back in the box (good to have if you're ever moving the PC)


The PC comes configured with Windows setup, drives ready to go, drivers installed, Windows updates installed, and even any requested programs pre-installed.
In your accessory bag is a Quickstart guide explaining how to connect your peripherals, info on how to access our Knowledgebase & we're always on hand if you get stuck, as all PCs come with a 3 Year Warranty including Basic Tech Support.

Work or Fun. Built for both.


Computing Warehouse PCs are all built with standardized components, meaning they all have excellent upgradability with nothing locked behind proprietary designs.

Want more Memory or Storage installed? Not a problem.
Thinking it's time for a GPU upgrade? Easy!

Workstation Designs

Are you a Work by Day, Game by Night person? Give us a list of the tools and apaplications you use for work, and an overview of your workflow (how many parts are in your CAD assemblies, what resolution are you editing videos in) and we can turn that into a Dream PC built for the work you do and the games you play.

Let's get started