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See what makes Oblivion special. . .

Rapid Boot Times

Built with a Gigabyte M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive, using the PCIe 3.0 interface. Oblivion has rapid boot times, a responsive and 'snappy' feel, with enough space on the SSD for some of your favourite games, and a full 1TB Hard drive for bulk storage.

Quiet, Cool & Stylish

Built in the Corsair iCue 220T Gaming Case & fitted with three 120mm RGB Fans, Oblivion can stay cool under the most intense Gaming sessions, with a Be Quiet Pure Rock CPU Cooler your Oblivion Gaming PC will stay quiet even under load.

The iCue 220T Gaming case has a full-sized Tempered Glass panel, giving an unobstructed view of the beautifully assembled Oblivion Gaming PC.


Configurable with up to a Ryzen 7 5700x 8-Core Processor- paired with a GeForce RTX 3070 or Radeon RX 6700 XT- Oblivion is built to impress. Experience smooth 1080p/1440p Gaming on a PC Built to last.

Oblivion 430

£1175 RRP  £1060 Sale Price


Oblivion 440

£1185 RRP  £1070 Sale Price


Oblivion 440

Oblivion 450

£1520 RRP  £1390 Sale Price


Oblivion 460

£1550 RRP  £1420 Sale Price


Oblivion 460

Evolve your Gaming

Oblivion Gaming PCs are designed to be upgraded

Shop Graphics Cards & Read about our Installation options
or hop on our Live Chat and a Technician will create an upgrade plan with you

Setup. Now easier than ever.

Every PC we build gets configured with our Zero Hassle Setup-

Need a hand getting set up? Hop on a Free 30-Minute Call with one of
our Technicians to get you up and running with your new Valkyrie PC.

Experience Power without the Power draw

Valkyrie Gaming PCs are fitted with Power Supplies certified to meet the 80 PLUS Standard set out by CLEAResult,
their standards are recognized by ENERGY STAR and the European Union (EU) for being significantly more efficient than standard PSUs.
With modern, high-efficiency components fitted, your Valkyrie Gaming PC has been designed to help keep the energy bill under control.

You bring the questions,
We'll bring the answers.

It's a date.

You've been looking at getting a PC, maybe it'll be a Oblivion PC, maybe not...
maybe you're not 100% sure about something or need help picking out the perfect computer.

Jump on our live chat with a Technician who will answer any questions you've got about our service,
help with picking out a PC and everything else that goes with it, or go over the Tech Specs in detail.

Lets go Custom

We've got PCs for everyone- and if one of our pre designed systems don't
fit the bill then book a free call with a Technician to design your Dream PC