Computing Warehouse Upgradability

Upgrade, don't replace.

Getting a new Gaming PC can be expensive. That's why we've designed all our PCs, including xAdvance, to have unmatched upgradability. We've got easy upgrades for all our computer models, and it's even possible to customise your computer before it goes to assembly.

Value & Power



line from Computing Warehouse is a great option if you're looking for a

Cost-Effective , High-End Gaming Experience.

Capable of running AAA Games, High Refresh Rate or 4k Resolution monitors, and starting at a surprisingly affordable price of


Quiet. Cool.

You shouldn't be drowning out the sound of your enemy with the sound of your Gaming PC. xAdvance was designed for

Ultra-quiet operation

, even under load.

Every xAdvance system is built in a

High-airflow Case

to improve thermal performance. This lets the fans spin at a lower RPM, reducing the noise of your system.

Tech Support

Nobody knows everything, even the most experienced of us, so if you've run into a problem with your xGamer PC then rest assured that our expert Tech Support team will be there to lend a hand, with

3 Years Basic Tech Support

included with your purchase.

Easy Setup

When you unbox your new Gaming PC, you want to jump right into the action, begin playing your favourite games- not getting bogged down with all the updates: BIOS Updates, Windows updates, Driver updates.

We've taken care of that mess. With our

Ready to Game Setup

you'll be dropping into the action as soon as you've gotten your games installed.